Sunday, May 31, 2009

Material Things

I want to be alone in the gossamer dark with you.
Your body wet satin gliding across my skin
Your rough whisper in my ear, velvet promises making me ache
Your heated skin, softest silk against my tongue, sweeter than anything I can imagine

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am just your little rag doll
do with me what you will
I am just a toy you love
then set upon your sill
You can kiss me, i wont tell
Im good at secrets, too
Tell me all those naughty things
you want me to do.
Put the blame on me when things go wrong
after all I feel no pain
Your rag doll to play at love
until you're bored again
here I sit and watch you close
your dolly has good eyes
I know things that you dont know
And I see through all your lies
your day for truth will be coming soon
and this dolly wishes she could be
watching when your master makes you
a dolly just like me.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I can't sleep. My head hurts, my heart aches, and this night seems to be taking forever. Where was the interminable darkness,my love, when I laid hot and willing in your arms ? And why does it come now , when you are gone so far from me?

Where was this hollowness of night when we feared to sleep lest we lose some precious second never to be had again? Now I sleep not, for fear the dreams of what could have been will find me.
Where was the stillness of time, when my only want was to memorize every touch, every word, every silk inch of your skin? And now, my love, where is the stillness of my heart when all i can do is remember your taste, and cry ?


I want to be on the inside of you
( I need to know)
to hear your thoughts and dreams
( are they ever about me?)
to feel with your fingertips
( do you ache to touch me?)
to kiss with your lips
( do they burn for mine?)
I want to be inside your skin,
(I want to make you hurt )
walk with your feet
( so you'll come back to me)
talk with your tongue
( and tell me you want me)
fall in love with your heart
( and love me always)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The last night...

scrapes and scratches cover us both
ragged wounds and viscious scars
you and I lay spent, in silence,
beneath the burning stars
tangled in each others limbs
touching, yet still and hushed
my lips brush your heated skin
I feel your pulse, hard and rushed
This sacred night soon shall end,
there is no thwarting time
soon it will be your time to go
but not before one

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


this hole you've ripped into my life
I dont know how to mend it.
I cling to the memories of what we shared
to try and fill the empty space, repair the caustic damage.
and so I pour in my need for you
my want for you
my loneliness for you
But I find the hole that once contained my entire world
is not big enough to hold my sorrow.


this heaviness lays over me like a wet cloak;
it surrounds me, yet provides no warmth
(as your arms once did),
it touches me everywhere, yet doesnt caress me
(as your lips once did),
it mocks life, yet never laughs
(as your eyes once did),
it is heartless and cold, and it has forgotten me
As you have now.


There is no peace here.
only waiting. only wanting.
There is no shelter.
(I am exposed)
There is no sustenance
(I am starving)
There is no reason
No faith.
only need. only wanting
(only waiting)

Monday, May 18, 2009


I look in your eyes and know that I am not safe here
It's a fleeting thought, gone in a flash of your smile
burned away by the heat of your touch.
But I will remember it later
when I look in my own eyes, and can't find my soul.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here kitty,kitty

We play this game of cat and mouse quite well, you and I
You're the cat, exotic eyes and sleek form
Seducing with your patience and grace
And I'm ever the mouse, cowering before you
waiting for the moment you will pounce
Just remember while you plot your chase and capture
That it is never the mouse that one take to the vet to be neutered

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I lay broken, bleeding.
  You step over
 the slivered, tender, fractured pieces
    of my soul
and the burnt and battered shield
        of my dignity
only to kiss my lips
You laid waste to my mind,
laid seige to my being.
 You sowed salt in the fields of
my emotion, poisoned the well of my love.
and yet you ask for the succor of my body
So who, exactly, is the victor
 when I spread my legs
   and allow you inside?

Monday, May 11, 2009


inside my skin
twisting, writhing
snakes of denial
slithering, worming
inside my head
plotting scheming
demons of doubt
inside my heart
wrenching ,breaking
you die

Friday, May 8, 2009

Merrily, merrily, merrily...

Life IS but a dream, no? Im doing all I can to row this little boat into safer waters, and the current keeps pulling me ever closer to the rapids. Im going to drown if i don't do something drastic soon. It's a shame really. because I knew this boat was sinking when I sailed it. And since I refuse the life vest its all my fault I'm in this predicament. No one to blame but myself, and that current that calls my name. He's to blame, too. And when I drown, he'll consume my body and absorb my soul, what's left of it. And all that will be left of me is an oarless boat stranded on the quiet shore.