Sunday, January 29, 2012

Unhappily ever after.

Stories end.
  because sometimes
 the life you find
    is not exactly
what you dreamed;
  there is no magic kiss
 no rescue, no bliss
   the prince not
 as shining
 as he first seemed.
there is a lesson
   to be learned
 about the things for which
   you yearn
  If your mind is open
 to receive;
   trust the lessons
 of the past
'happy' very seldom
and the heart
 quite often
    will deceive.
So when this ending
 chapter's done
let us
     move on
close the book,
   and leave the pain
in the dust.
Get your head
  back in the game.
good bye
   is not a shame,
and next time
be more careful
who you trust.