Monday, December 13, 2010

Today I sent you a letter
I wrote for hours
Littered the floor with little paper balls
Trying to get the words just right.
I found a stamp in the back of the kitchen drawer
took an envelope from the stack of bills
I folded the pages as neatly as I could
and closed the flap. With a prayer.
With a kiss.
I know you'll never read it. And if you did,
it wouldnt make much sense. Because you never knew.
I never told you. And now its far too late.
But I wrote you a letter.
And I will leave the rest to fate.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm not the girl you'll think about
when you remember loves long past
Not the one you wish you held
Not the dream you want to last

I am just a soft, warm touch
across your naked skin
a sudden smile, an errant sigh
or laughter on a whim

You won't remember me at all
You'll soon forget my name
but a piece of me will be in you
an ember of a flame

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In a perfect world
it wouldn't matter
these superficial flaws
in skin and thought.
the lies of perception
and insecurity

Only my hand
on your face
The softness of your lips
pressed into mine
The warmth of your skin
as you sleep by my side

Only the way
your heart races
the ache in my chest
when you smile
the need to be
tangled together

In a perfect world
where you are mine
and time has no hold
it wouldnt matter
that perfection
can only be found
in each other's eyes.