Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vampire's reflection

Sweet kisses on the side of my neck
warm lips and hot tingles
your tongue lapping at my skin
razored teeth pierce deep
your tongue lapping at my skin
warm lips and hot tingles
Sweet kisses on the side of my neck


I want to cover you with kisses
feel you breathe in my sighs
let you sleep in cushioned comfort
in the valley of my thighs
i want to wear your silken body
taste my pleasure on your lips
lay tangled in each other's arms
your teeth sharp against my hip
I want to lay here in surrender
then leave you scarred and bruised
make promises and whisper love
leave you bleeding and misused
i want to cover you with kisses
feel you breathe in my sighs
let you die in cushioned comfort
in the valley of my thighs

Saturday, June 20, 2009


How easily you made the lie taste like truth
Some strange potion of touch and words
that intoxicated me so thoroughly.
Now i wait for each dose like the addict i am
needing those words, that touch
like i need my next breath.
And though I know the lie for what it is
I cant let go of this craving,
My thirst for you
So fill up this empty vessel
and drown me in your lies
until Im too drunk to remember the truth

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Shadows line this road, there is no shoulder here.any moment we will careen off this curve, slide into the rail and down the embankment.
Slow down, slip away, take the wheel. Go ahead. It wont make any difference. jump before impact so you wont be doomed here too.
My foot is jammed on the accelerator. no brakes, no shift, no belt. and look ma! No hands!
Does it scare you the way I smile as the engine guns and the pavement drops away?Well, it only hurts for a minute, right? The end of us only hurts for a minute...

Monday, June 15, 2009


softer than a whisper and razor sharp
your words leave my sanity in shreds.
My heart shrivels in the wretched coldness of your eyes.
this love dies in my chest
do you even care?
You've steeled your spine, turned your back
and think this is the last youve heard of me
My soul shrivels in the wretched coldness of your love
a last word dies on my lips
Do you even care?
Walk away from me now and never turn this way again
fear what you left waiting for your return
my conscience shriveled in the wretched coldness of dispair
as you die in my arms
Will i even care?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Easy mark

fatal when pointed directly at my heart ;
silver sparking ,darting, hypnotizing
Breathing never an option
when you wield it so casually
weapons of skill and wit
sinking deep into the target
deadly blue and the flash of your smile
doesn't take much to

Monday, June 8, 2009

For Reginald

I feel your eyes upon me
and my skin shivers in desire
The play begins for your audience
as my soul catches fire
Do you know I feel you watching?
Can you feel this fire too?
and know every touch, and breath, and whisper
is directed straight at you?
Why dont you come and play with me?
step out of your shadowed room
share with me a night of bliss
in the wonderous midnight gloom
There is no need to hide away
and watch me from afar
come lay with me in the velvet night
under the blazing stars.

Thank you, Clint. I do hope dear Reginald likes it. The 'dart of desire' has proved to be quite popular with the furry ladies roaming the neighborhood. Im not sure the neighbors are big fans, but certainly he has quite a fan club in the feline sector

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Zombie Love

Once your arms would have held me
in this darkest cold of night
I would not awaken frightened
alone, and closed in tight

Once my fingers would caress your skin
Now they dig this earth
the moon the only witness
to my macabre rebirth

Once my feet knew these roads quite well
once I danced under this moon
now I shuffle, and trip, and stumble along
and I barely make it through

Once your lips spoke vows of love
and I believed them to my core
and my rotted flesh pays a desperate price
to fulfill those oaths you swore

Once my soul would long for you
And the blood rushed through my veins
though my life has ended now
my hunger for you remains

Once we loved in the brightest sun
Now I come in the deepest dark
To awaken you with the sweetest kiss
and offer you this heart

Once your voice sang the softest words
as I drifted off to dreams
Why now love, when I have come so far
do I only hear your screams?