Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some Days...


There are
    some days
when I wish I could
    Just forget you.
   Release you back
 into whatever
or nightmare
  you came from.
Because there are
           some days
      when  the pain
          you caused 
   into my soul
    with a will to destroy.
          It leaves me
         and empty.
          The world feels
     too big.
      Every moment seems
       And it is all
            I can do
    to breathe...
 to open my eyes...
      to exist... 
 There are
     some days
      I wish I could
 just  let you go.   
    but those
 are the days
       I need you

Friday, March 2, 2012

Not Lost...


echos in this room.
Where once
      your laughter
  would ring loud
and clear
 the silence
  is deafening.
It bounces of
and penetrates
    my soul
leaving me cold,
  stealing my warmth
    the way death
stole you
  from this world.
  This pain robs me
of the brightness
    you brought into my life
and leaves me
in the darkness
  of a profound
     and devastating grief
But it cannot rob me
of the
      you leave behind.
 So I wrap
this grief
    around my frozen heart
and warm myself
with thoughts of you.
  I will light a
   thousand candles
     in the hollow darkness
      and allow
the vastness of your
   memory to fill
the void your absence
    leaves behind
And I will revel in the
that you are not lost.
you have simply
   become part
of everyone
who ever
    loved you.

Kenn Duffy  3-5-91   2-26-12
  You are missed.