Friday, September 25, 2009


I have been walking along this sheltered road
golden lamps lighting my way when the darkness falls
just enough to stay on course, just enough to hold fear at bay. just enough to see the next step.
and always knowing that the shadows held secrets i would never know.
Now ive come to the end of the pavement
and I must turn back before i lose my way.
The road leads on in darkness
no light to follow, no footsteps to guide me.
Only stars to light the way until morning, if morning ever comes.
Do I revel in the starshine and slide into the unknown shadows?
Or do I turn back to remain in the known, remain in the light,
and ever wonder what my life could have been in the darkness?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stolen Time


 come slide with me
   down into this hole
 this deep
 where time can't reach
and the sound
    of our whispers
off the walls
    fills the space
and my breath
  on your skin
     is everything.

Monday, September 7, 2009


  you turned
       your eyes away
 but I could see the lie
    I could hear it
 before it even left your lips.
  So go on your way
why bother with me now?
       im nothing
  but a stone in your shoe
       a pebble
 rippling your calm waters
If its my passion you want,
   why call up my rage
         and my anger ?
 all you need to do
       is smile at me
to make my blood,
    my body,
why do you want me
     to slash at you
with bladed words,
  when it would be
    so much more fun
to shred you with my nails
     as we fuck against the wall,
tearing at each other
    with teeth and fingers
there is nothing in my soul
    worth all the work
you put into ripping it out.
nothing in my heart
    worth the time you take to
         shatter it
nothing in you
    worth the pain.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Waking Up

I was living in my dreams while I slept in your arms
all you had to do was smile, and I'd spin the tales
who knew id get so caught up in the web of my own self -deceit?
when I opened my eyes the illusions were too pale
and they faded like stars in the morning light.
so now I lay in my cold lonely bed
needing the warmth of your arms
and wishing for lies that should have been