Tuesday, February 9, 2010

something special...something sacred..

Sometimes a lyric , a simple line or stanza in a song , will bring your world into focus. Today as I was sorting through some music ( i love to listen while I write) I was contemplating passion, and how little its referred to in songs. Not just sexual, but that need to be something incredible, sacred, to someone else. And while most of us crave that, need it..want it so completely, we usually settle for far less because of a fear of aloneness. We do not want to spend our lives waiting for something that may never come. Me..well.. Im waiting..And in the meantime, i leave you with the words of one of the greatest, most passionate poets Ive ever loved...

If you are the desert, Ill be the sea
If you ever hunger, hunger for me
whatever you ask for, that's what Ill be

Because all I ever wanted...
Is in your eyes..

Friday, February 5, 2010

we all lose our way
at one time or another.
and we travel down paths
that lead no where
we circle around
we double back
sometimes, we find a short cut.
and sometimes we meet fellow travelers
and for a while, we arent lost alone.
but we're still lost.
Maybe I can help you find your way
I can follow your path for awhile,
or I can just make your path my own
just forget about mine.
maybe we can just stay lost.