Thursday, March 18, 2010

edge of hope

Sharp and skittering,
this sudden craving for you.
It scrapes and stings
It leaves me breathless
Holding on for balance
I fall anyway
like the fool I am.
I want to reach out
into the darkness
and find you sleeping
next to me
hope is a double edged sword, my love
and if you hold too tight,
It will slice you to ribbons
and you will bleed.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Here in this stillness
with you at my breast
in the solitude of this time

we leave the world
outside these doors
and your soul melds with mine.

The heat of your skin
against my own
the beat of your heart at my side

no words are spoken,
not needed here
just the soft breaths of our sighs

This is my heaven,
with my love, and my life
the true paradise I seek
And only in the stillness
with you at my breast
do I find the peace that I need

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Never Mine

Here in this darkened place alone with my thoughts
and the coppery taste of regret on my tongue
I remember the last time I held your body
when the slickness of desire coated everything but our trust.
your hands on my skin, rough and insistent,
my teeth on your flesh, sharp and tearing
and everything was real for just a moment
time stood still and the world was mine.

But you never were.